2011 marked the beginning of a new journey for this entertainment business as Zobe became a one-stop-shop for the fashion, modeling, music, entertainment, and media industry in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area), the nation, and beyond!


Alonzo Black (CEO of Zobe) felt that it was time for Zobe Models and Talents Agency which has been in business for about 20 years to take the company to the next level by taking the great music talents that they represent and give them the resources and connections they need internally to enhance their careers instead of seeking outside sources. When creating Zobe Models and Talents, Alonzo Black, the CEO had no idea that he would end up creating a music division under the company but saw the need and is filling the void. With the launching of Zobe Magazine and Zobe Television Network among other entities from Zobe Models and Talents it looks like the future of Zobe will be just something everyone will have to pay close attention to, for with the growth and expansion of this company, at this rate they are now stronger and more passionate than ever.


So to cover all aspects of the industry, Zobe developed an independent record label as a division within the company (Zobe Records) to become a one-stop-shop for the entertainment industry. The CEO (Alonzo Black) has been mentored by a Stellar Award Winning performer / record label owner, a Universal Music Group executive, and has also been taught by some of the music industries finest and most respected individuals. With resources including major record label owners, A&Rs, producers, DJs, and executives Zobe Records has a leg up on the competition with the knowledge and experience behind them! All of this in addition to a record label owner who has been trained vocally, trained musically, has played a number of instruments for various bands and genres of music, has an eye for talent, and an ear for good music. 


Zobe Records has merged music studios underneath the company umbrella and seeks additional music studio partners worldwide. Zobe Records is a member of ASCAP with its own publishing company "Alonzo Black Publishing" and a member of BMI with its own publishing company "Alonzo Black Publishing International". The label utilizes major digital distribution and is capable of physical distribution as well. Zobe is constantly making new connections which will lead the label to much success in the future along with the growing talent roster open to every genre of music. 


Zobe Records artists have been provided opportunities to perform at a number of festivals/concerts/shows/events, been placed on tours, have performed with major artists, are receiving radio airplay, have done radio/magazine/TV interviews, have placement on the Billboard Charts/Global Top Independent Charts, have ranked in the top 50 independent artists on national radio, have won local/regional/national/international awards, and are currently being digitally and physically distributed. Zobe artists receive marketing, promotions, PR, artist development, photography, video production, music production, merchandising, career consultation, and more based upon their location so Zobe can represent and work with artists from around the world.


Since starting the label Zobe Record's CEO/Owner (Alonzo Black) has accomplished a lot as he was inducted as a member of The Recording Academy (Grammys), formed a major distribution partnership with REMG, obtained a Universal Music Group New Digital Media Agreement, obtained a Warner Music Inc New Digital Media Agreement, obtained a Sony Music Entertainment New Digital Media Agreement, obtained a YouTube Licensing Agreement, obtained a Google Play Music Services Licensing Agreement, obtained a Apple Music Subscription, Lyrics, and Cloud Services License Agreement, and secured a contract with mega music corporation Viacom/MTV to assist with artist development, music licensing, live performance opportunities, and video broadcasting.



Alonzo Black (Founder / Owner / CEO / Senior Director of A&R)

Ronnie Simon (Senior Talent Agent / A&R / Regional Director) California

Robert Andrews (Talent Agent / A&R) New York

Carrigan Lord (Talent Agent / A&R) North Carolina

Richard Trinh (Talent Agent / A&R) Virginia

Avery Frawley (Talent Agent / A&R) New Jersey

Jordan Quinlisk (Talent Agent / A&R) Colorado

Malka Hynan (Talent Agent / A&R) New York

Davian Yarbrough (Talent Agent / A&R) Texas 

Nikia Lucas (Talent Agent / A&R) Indiana

Daniel Rosenstein (Talent Agent / A&R) Florida

Marian Nyako-Lartey (Talent Agent / A&R) South Africa 

Milton Smith (Talent Agent / A&R) New Jersey

Roderick Jackson (Talent Agent / A&R) New York

Eric Olsen (Talent Agent / A&R) Illinois

Isiah Tudor (Talent Agent / A&R) Florida

Saeed Rose (Talent Agent / A&R) New Jersey

Emily Lord (Talent Agent / A&R) New York

Marco Malak (Talent Agent / A&R) Connecticut

Ashley Bennett (Talent Agent / A&R) Indiana

Jonathan Curington II  (Talent Agent / A&R) Washington (State)

Jennifer Burgess (Talent Agent / A&R) Massachusetts 

James Darrell (Talent Agent / A&R) Bermuda

Kenny Horton (Talent Agent / A&R) Nevada

Daniel Khon-Perez (Talent Agent / A&R) Texas

Edward Matthews III (Talent Agent / A&R) Tennessee

Julian King (Talent Agent / A&R) Tennessee

Melvin Banks (Talent Agent / A&R) Arizona

La Rosalyn Williams (Talent Agent / A&R) Maryland

Eugene Moody (Talent Agent / A&R) Washington, DC

Benjamin Freeman (Talent Agent / A&R) Maryland

Victor Honesty (Talent Agent / A&R) Virginia

Bennie Owens (Talent Agent / A&R) Nevada

Joy Tippins (Talent Agent / A&R) Nevada

Douglas McCamley (Talent Agent / A&R) Washington (State)

Joy Jordan (Talent Agent / A&R) North Carolina

Omar Arzeta (Talent Agent / A&R) Virginia

Dareil Irby (Talent Agent / A&R) Maryland

Joel Robinson (Talent Agent / A&R) Nevada

Marsha Ashraf (Talent Agent / A&R) Illinois

Antoinette Ortega (Talent Agent / A&R / Sales / Marketing) California

Lincon Jones (Talent Agent / A&R / HR Intake & Scouting Director) Canada

Ameila Squires (Talent Agent / A&R) California

Hashan "Shawn" Smith (Talent Agent / A&R) New York

Lamont "Renzo" Bracy (Talent Agent / A&R) Alabama

Darel Wesley  (Talent Agent / A&R) Tennessee / Illinois

Kasezga Tembo (Talent Agent / A&R) Maryland

Cornel Belton (Photography / Image Development) Washington, DC

Nathaniel Payne (Talent Agent / A&R) Washington, DC



Kimberly Whitmore (Talent Agent Intern / A&R) Colorado

LaShantee Evans (Talent Agent Intern / A&R) Tennessee

Yvonne Alei (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Washington, DC

Ishmail Koroma (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Virginia
Dasha Johnson (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Jared Scherrer (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Michigan

Dekemeon Burt (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Alabama

Chantel Wiggins (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Rock Hembey (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Drey Taylor (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Dylan McNamara (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Sudith Lima (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Florida

Nicole Sanchez (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Florida

Edwin Torrero (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Florida

Kelvin Drake (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Simone Henry (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

James Manago (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Washington, DC

Denzel Taylor (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) New York

Emil Amoakohene (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Hannah Lemmons (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Massachusetts 

Dominique Baskin (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Virginia

Dominic Bell (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Valeria Ospina (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Massachusetts 

Tiffany Wood (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Mark Romano (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) New Jersey

Christopher Vaughn (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Canute Ireland (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Virginia

Yamilet Perez (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Florida

Maxwell Tsao (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Hitesh Nemade (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Jacklyn Bywater (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Tennessee

Naja Hardmon (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Florida

Ty Hamilton (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Florida

Kolby Grinston (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Mississippi

Diamond Jones (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Chris Richards (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Virginia

Randle Thompson (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Washington, DC

Kyle Sileo (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Robert Zuniga (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Shakia Wright (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Ross Strobert (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Raine Finley (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

D'Andre Leid (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Ethan Lustig (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Andreas Reinoso (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Florida

Patricia Riffe (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Virginia

Victoria Cadwallader (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Colorado

Edith Navarrete (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Tennessee

Brodie Kime (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Colorado

Franklin Waters (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) North Carolina

Kip Sprout (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Indiana

Colin Blankley (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Colorado

Kyle Cullen (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Arizona

Jermaine Hawkins (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Joey Secard (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Core'al Coles (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Virginia

Garrett Dunseth (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Missouri

Brian Aarons (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Pennsylvania

Brandy Ortiz (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Colorado

Camilla Nobre (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Portugal

Avery Moon (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Connecticut

Emma Harris (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Colorado

Angela Dovale (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Dahmin Lim (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Massachusetts

Justin Kriger (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Blake Ballard (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Tennessee

Rachel Mercado (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Elisa Chavez (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Florida

Jack McKinnon (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) California

Ryan Fanning (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Colorado

Kennelia Tolbert (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Alabama

Julia Aminzadeh (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Maryland

Marcus Foster (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) Michigan

Michael McCain (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) New Jersey

Brianna Vacca (Talent Agent Intern / A&R Intern) New Jersey