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Zobe Distribution:

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Obtain worldwide major distribution from an independent-major record label. Through our major partnerships we are extending distribution services to provide you with a full suite of distribution, marketing, and technology services to help independent artists, labels, and content owners manage their music, with delivery to more than 600 destinations in over 200 territories worldwide. Zobe Distribution provides project-based, worldwide service for established artists tired of the traditional route, and emerging artists who want control. Zobe Distribution also specializes in music video distribution/monetization, music publishing, neighboring rights, and sync licensing. These integrated service options empower our labels & songwriters to manage their music, and generate maximized worldwide revenues.


We offer 70/30 distribution deals only through the Zobe Distribution services.* 70% to you the (Label or Artist) and 30% to us (Distributor). You will keep all rights to your music but by ordering this service you are providing permission for Zobe to distribute, promote, and/or market the content that you provide to Zobe based upon your purchase of services. You will be provided with a sales report based upon your sales records and once your royalties reach $250 you will become eligible to receive your profits via

*(NOTE: This does not apply to artists directly signed to Zobe Records who obtain different deals and have no upfront fees associated with their signing to the label. These terms only apply for public services for distribution. All payments are non-refundable and include administration and/or accounting fees.)


Your music and videos must be screened for consideration of  distribution (Single, EP, Album, or Label Deal) and you are responsible for your music cover artwork/graphics submitted (1500x1500 pixels dimension at 300 resolution) and music files submitted in MP3 and WAV formats (all versions of the songs - Clean/Radio, Dirty/Original, Dance/Club Remix, Accapella, Instrumental, etc) All music must be all-original (no samples unless you obtain written permission in advance), unreleased, and you should be sure to have rights to use the beats of the producer. (Zobe will not be held liable for any copyright claims as we are only providing a service for distribution.)



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