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Artist Development

Zobe Records offers artist development packages to enhance a music talent's. These packages are designed to help the talent find and define their identity as an artist and fulfill their potential as a songwriter by developing the skills and public profile of the artist. We help artists build a solid foundation to work from and give the tools to continue to develop as an artist in the industry.






($250) Basic Artist Development packages include:

- Music Review & Feedback session with A&R


($1,000) Silver Artist Development packages include:
- Defining and refining artistic direction
- Feedback and appraisal on song writing
- Assistance with song structure/arrangement
- Advice on performance, melody and instrumentation
- Guidance on overall sonic direction
- Positioning your music for radio

There is nothing more common in the music industry than an artist or band with a finished product and no idea how to get it out there…

Our artist development packages are affordable ways to get your music out there, get it on the radio and build your profile within the industry. If you have an album, an EP, or even just a single waiting to be released you would want to take advantage of one of our artist development packages.

($5,000) Gold Artist Development packages include:
- Songwriting / Rewriting
- Studio Time / Production / Mixing / Mastering
- Publishing / Synch Licensing
- Music Distribution - Digital and/or Physical
- Data Analysis - Find out where you stand as an artist as far as marketability by obtaining a valuable insight to the artist's profile, social media presence, fan base, etc which can make a significant impact on your marketing campaign

($10,000) Platinum Artist Development packages include:
- Radio Servicing – Independent and community radio stations
- Media Servicing – Creation and distribution of press releases to newspapers, music websites, industry professionals, and music magazines
- Video Servicing – distribution of your video to the public through social media, online TV network, and industry professionals
- Selection of Single - have a CD and not sure which would be best to be pushed as a single? We can help you...
- Branding / Image Overview

Talent development is a big part of an artists career in the industry. Talent development is really a must to perfect your craft and prepare yourself with everything that you need to succeed in your craft. The major labels are no longer putting any money into developing an artist. The artist has to be totally developed and ready to take things to the next level in their career. The major label really just wants an artists that they can slap their name on and immediately start to making money off of them whether it is in CD sales, concerts, endorsements, or any other way they can make money off of the artist to make a return on their marketing and distribution investment in the artist.

Only some independent record labels provide talent development and can guide you in the right direction for your career. In this industry you must have a good professional team behind you like Zobe Records.

If you do not want to get signed by an independent record label then you have another option which is to purchase your talent development as a service package. There are a couple of options available to those who would like to go this route but it does take a significant budget to put yourself in the right position within the industry to enhance your professional career. We here at Zobe have the ability and connections to get you the talent development that you need based upon your budget.

An artists can obtain individual services of talent development or obtain a package for a cheaper rate. Two packages that are offered are the 3 month development ($25,000) or the 6 month development ($50,000). The 3 month package includes: digital distribution of a single, mixing & mastering of a single, artist development session with a record label A&R, basic music video shoot, radio spins, photo shoot, interview in a blog, online radio interview, song curated into a playlist, video interview for promotions, email blast, online listening party, and basic social network marketing campaign. The 6 month package includes everything in the 3 month package but is not based around a single and instead is based around a 4 track EP. An EP (short for extended play) is a musical recording which contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as a full album or LP. The 6 month package still only has a basic music video shoot for only one track.


*Note: There is also a $100,000 package for a full album talent development.


If you have a smaller budget or would like to obtain individual talent development services contact us letting us know what your budget is and the services you are interested in obtaining and we will let you know what your options are.

To obtain these services please contact Zobe Record Label with the email subject header of "Obtain Artist Development Package":

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