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UpStart Records

We are a sub-label of Zobe Records by which give artists an opportunity to obtain artist development, build up their buzz, and obtain marketing, promotions, and radio airplay. We do not work in the traditional record label format. We offer a number of services and can create custom development packages for artists based upon their budget for their project. We offer project/album deals, artist deals, and label deals offering international major label distribution. We only work with artists and labels who have their own budget in place who are ready to move forward. We have all the resources and connections needed to take what you are doing to the next level if you are serious. Those artists that prove to do well with artist development and show significant progress and sales will have an opportunity to be picked up by Zobe Records for a better deal by which you could also be shopped around to major record labels for an even better deal. This is your stepping stone to get your foot in the door.

Submit MP3s, artist/label name, location, photo, bio/company summary, all links to your social networks/official website, and your budget for your project/label. (Any incomplete submissions will not be reviewed for consideration.)
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