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Zobe's first step into the tech realm... music apps that provide the world with a means to make navigation of the industry easier.

Zobe Lab is for everyone

Independent music artists, music producers, DJs, music professionals, songwriters, bands, talent managers, booking agents, music venues, music curators, music supervisors, independent record labels, and music enthusiasts.


  • Talents and creatives need to learn how to become entrepreneurs to be able to handle their own careers and operate in the music business.

  • Many entertainers do not know where or how to start and many fail due to wanting to be in the music industry without knowing how to handle music business.

  • The vast majority of music artists and indie labels don’t make any money or know how to.

  • There is an unfair entry barrier for legitimate artists to reach a bigger audience.

  • There are monopolies that undermine a free and fair market.

  • It is not easy or cheap to get exposure.


To create a technological change that will allow indie musicians, professionals, and labels who are burdened with the task of imagining new ways to fit into the industry to build a sustainable career independently by assisting them to become music business savvy and providing them with the knowledge and resources that they need to become successful and self sufficient with the use of our tools. We are developing tech apps to do just that.

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